Murray County Minnesota
Cemetery Names
and Locations

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Murray County Minnesota Cemeteries

Listed below are Murray County Minnesota cemetery names and their locations, by township and section number. Some of the cemeteries have been transcribed, for more information concerning transcriptions contact Char Larson


Bondin Township

Prairie Hill Cemetery

Fulda Cemetery Association, Fulda, MN

NENE Section 23

St. Gabriel's Cemetery

St. Gabriel's Church Fulda, MN

NENE Section 25

 Cameron Township

St. John's Cemetery

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Lake Wilson, MN

NWNW Section 25

Chanarambie Township

Hillside Cemetery

Lake Wilson Cemetery Association, Lake Wilson, MN

SENW Section 13

 Des Moines Township

Rupp Cemetery

Family Burial/Private

NENE Section 24

Deutschman Cemetery

Family Burial/Private

NENE Section 26

Dovray Township

Pleasant View Cemetery

German Lutheran

SWSE Section 20

Our Savior's Cemetery

Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Dovray, MN

NENW Section 29

Ellsborough Township

Ellsborough Cemetery

Ellsborough Lutheran Church

SENE Section 35

Johnson Cemetery

Family Burial/Private

SESW Section 14

Fenton Township

Chandler Lutheran Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Church Chandler, MN

NESW Section 06


Chandler Memorial Cemetery

Chandler Christian Reformed Church Chandler, MN

NWNW Section 07

Iona Township

Badger Lake Presbyterian Cemetery

First Presbyterian Church Iona, MN

SWSW Section 02

St.Columba Cemetery.

St. Columba Catholic Church Iona, MN

NWSE Section 09

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Church, Slayton, MN

SWNE Section 09

Lake Sarah Township

Modum Lutheran Cemetery

Modum Norwegian Lutheran Church 1876-1961

SWSW Section 27

Lake Sarah Baptist Cemetery

Lake Sarah Baptist Church

NWNW Section 35

Bethany Lutheran Cemetery

Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church 1884-1953 

NWNE Section 35

Leeds Township

Highland Home Cemetery

Hadley Lutheran Church Hadley, MN

SWSE Section 02

Lime Lake Township

Knapper Cemetery

Family Burial/Private

SWNW Section 08

Immanuel Cemetery

Norwegian Cemetery

SWNW Section 20

Faith Swedish Cemetery

Swedish Cemetery

SWSW Section 32

Faith Lutheran Cemetery

Faith Lutheran Church Avoca, MN

NWSW Section 33

St. Rose of Lima Cemetery

St. Rose of Lima Church 1878-1978

SWSW Section 33

 Murray Township

Lake Shetek Monument

August 20, 1862 Dakota Conflict (mass burial)

NWSE Section 06

Currie Pioneer Cemetery

Historical Cemetery

SESE Section 17

Calvary Cemetery

IHM Catholic Church Currie, MN

SESW Section 17

Shetek Township

Willow Lake Cemetery

Willow Lake Lutheran Church

SESE Section 26

Skandia Township

Sillerud Lutheran Cemetery

Sillerud Lutheran Church

NWSW Section 26

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Zion Lutheran Church 1876-1996 

NESE Section 16

Skandia Free Church Cemetery

Skandia Evangelical Free Church

NENW Section 16

Slayton Township

St. Ann's Cemetery

St. Ann's Catholic Church Slayton, MN

SESE Section 10

Slayton Cemetery

Slayton Cemetery Association

SENW Section 10

Restland Memorial Gardens

Memorial Gardens

NWNE Section 23


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